Original Stories

Welcome to the works of fiction that are wholly and entirely the product of my own (possibly warped) brain.  Any resemblance to real or pre-existing fictitious persons/characters is either a coincidence or intentional parody (and the parodies should be easy to spot ^_^).
Some references to famous historical figures are made in establishing the ‘alternate history’ for the setting.  Please don’t take these references too seriously or out of context, these works are wholly fictitious.

Please ALWAYS feel free to leave any comments on, or criticisms of, my work as I am interested in what my readers think.  Even feel free to try and troll the author, since it amuses me greatly when someone is apparently so incapable of creating on their own that they try to tear down a guy who’s posting free fiction.  On the internet.  ^_^


The Monster They Deserve

Yes, Your Highness




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