Other Web Fiction I Enjoy!

Please note:  Any of the content linked here should be considered at least the same level as the disclaimer on the front page, i.e. there may be some violence, profanity, and other non-kid-friendly elements found in any of these links.  Anything that goes well beyond what you’ll find on this site has an extra warning added.  Browse at your own risk, and enjoy! ^_^

Online Stories I Read:

Super Powereds by Drew Hayes

Tales of Mu by Alexandra Erin (contains adult content)

Stone Burners by Syphax

Worm by Wildbow (some EXTREME violence in here)

Legion of Nothing by Jim Zoetewey

Interviewing Leather by Eric Burns-White

Pay me, Bug! by Christopher Wright (also the home of A Rake by Starlight [sequel to Pay me, Bug!], Curveball, and Points Between)

Citadel by Unillustrated (quite a bit of violence here, also language)

And if somehow you need even MORE than all that, I recommend browsing through the Web Fiction Guide

Webcomics I Read:

Sluggy Freelance

Schlock Mercenary

El Goonish Shive

Grrl Power

Penny Arcade

Sidekick Girl

Order of the Stick

Our Little Adventure

Pretty much everything at Collective of Heroes

And about 50 others.  Seriously, there are a LOT of good webcomics out there!  If you need more recommendations, check out the Top Webcomics link below or just ask me for more! (include a genre though please ^_^)

Also Recommended:

p&c                 twclogo


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