Sophomore Teams

So everyone can keep track, and yell at me when I mix the characters up at some point in the future and put people in the wrong spot

Team 1:
Amelia Jacobson – Close Combat, Focus, Subtlety
Michael Karl – Control, Focus, Ranged Combat
Ty Rodins – Control, Ranged Combat, Subtlety
Tara Warren – Focus, Ranged Combat, Weapons

Team 2:
Collin Gauge – Close Combat, Control, Focus
Aaron Sexton – Control, Focus, Subtlety
Iris Todd – Control, Focus, Weapons
Barry Jeung – Close Combat, Ranged Combat, Weapons

Team 3:
Erin Casse – Focus, Subtlety, Weapons
Scott Jameson – Close Combat, Control, Ranged Combat
Eloise James – Control, Ranged Combat, Subtlety
Zach Snider – Close Combat, Control, Ranged Combat

Team 4:
Gerard Finne – Close Combat, Control, Focus
Teresa Montez – Close Combat, Control, Focus
Susan Owens – Close Combat, Focus, Weapons
Antoin Montaine – Control, Focus, Subtlety

Team 5:
Rorie Samuels – Control, Focus, Ranged Combat
Beulah Abbot – Close Combat, Focus, Subtlety
Ramòn Carerra – Close Combat, Focus, Weapons
Louise Garcia – Close Combat, Subtlety, Weapons

Team 6:
Kyle Sawara – Close Combat, Control, Focus
Sean Tannen – Control, Ranged Combat, Subtlety
Kaori Kimura – Control, Focus, Ranged Combat
Jon Glenn – Control, Focus, Ranged Combat

Team 7:
Alexandra Andrews – Close Combat, Focus, Ranged Combat
Catalina Blake – Control, Subtlety, Weapons
Tasha Johnson – Close Combat, Focus, Weapons
Lisa Shang – Close Combat, Control, Ranged Combat




Like this story?  It’s a fan inspired work based in the world created by Drew Hayes.  Click this text to go check out his work!

One thought on “Sophomore Teams

  1. In rereading this, I noticed a continuity error. You have Sean Tannen in Subtlety, yet he wasn’t mentioned in the Subtlety intro class (Chapter 4). Granted that 38 minutes remained in the class when you ended the chapter, but why have Scott, Alexandra, Barry, and Zach all reach Elena’s class and decide to skip it, and have someone who couldn’t make it before you ended the chapter in the class? I would switch Zach with Sean in Chapter 4, based on Zach’s lack of observation skills noted in Chapter 5.



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