The Junior Class

Overton HCP Junior Class
Combat Rankings and 3rd Year Majors

1. Amelia Jacobson – Close Combat, Focus

2. Collin Gauge – Close Combat, Focus

3. Erin Casse – Subtlety, Weapons

4. Rorie Samuels – Control, Ranged Combat

5. Gerard Finne – Close Combat, Control

6. Kyle Sawara – Control, Focus

7. Alexandra Andrews – Close Combat, Ranged Combat

8. Teresa Martinez – Control, Focus

9. Scott Jameson – Close Combat, Ranged Combat

10. Jon Glenn – Control, Ranged Combat

11. Sean Tannen – Control, Ranged Combat

12. Michael Karl – Focus, Ranged Combat

13. Louise Garcia – Close Combat, Subtlety

14. Catalina Blake – Subtlety, Weapons

15. Zachary Snider – Close Combat, Control

16. Eloise James – Ranged Combat, Subtlety

17. Beulah Abbott  Focus, Subtlety

18. Tara Warren – Ranged Combat, Weapons

19. Tasha Johnson – Focus, Weapons

20. Antoin Montaine – Focus, Subtlety


Like this story?  It’s a fan inspired work based in the world created by Drew Hayes.  Click this text to go check out his work!

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