Second String Supers

Author’s note:

The following is a fan inspired work set in Drew Hayes’ Super Powereds world.  The original characters and stories herein are mine, but the setting (including some of the characters mentioned) belong to Drew.  Go read his story HERE!


SSS: Freshman Intrigue [complete]

SSS: Sophomore Siege [complete]

SSS: Junior Offensive [In Progress]

SSS: Senior Finale [coming eventually!]


4 thoughts on “Second String Supers

  1. I was able to get a hold of him via Facebook once. If you search his name his is the account that has a comic book frame as a cover picture if I remember. He told me (several months ago) that he did plan on returning, but work has been crazy. Not sure how much is true or even if he will return, but him up on facebook and try and coax him back!

    I do not know Chad, but he did respond to my facebook message. Maybe he’ll respond to yours!


  2. Pretty good so far (I’m only on the first year). My only complaint is just a nitpick – it seems like some of the abilities are a bit over the top compared to the original Super Powereds.



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