Welcome to my attempt at having my own website!  Those who continue forward from this point will find themselves subjected to written works of fiction from multiple genres (none of the particularly realistic ones though).  Just to let you know up front, there is no porn here (yes, I know it’s the internet.  Still none).  For those who’ve followed me over from Drew Hayes’ site; Glad you could join me!  I hope the trip proves a worthwhile use of your time in the end.


Not all the works hosted here are going to be completely kid friendly.  There will be nothing pornographic or explicitly erotic, but some of my fiction lends itself towards violence and there will definitely be profanity found within.  If this doesn’t sound like your thing (or if you are under 18 and your parents/guardians are not likely to approve of you reading that kind of stuff) there is a wide variety of other fiction on the internet just WAITING FOR YOU

If you find anything broken on my site, please post a comment and let me know so I can fix it!

Have some burning need to contact me for something you feel would be inappropriate to post in the comments sections?  email: admin(at)cmh-fiction(dot)com (I think you all know how to translate that from a line of text that spambots will miss into a real email address :P)

-Chad Haakenson, Internet Author ^_^

Original Stories are HERE

Fan Inspired Stories are HERE


8 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hey.
    Hope you’re well. Been your fan for years, still following the site in WordPress and check in every now and then. Thought I’d leave you some well wishes, as well as let you know that, should you ever want to/be able to write again, we are still here.



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