Wait, what the hell is that?

Is that…  Is that a new SSS Chapter?  Why yes, yes it is!  Holy crap, an update!



And having (accurately) made fun of myself a bit, sorry all about the long hiatus!  There’s been personal stuff, and work stuff, and computer melting down and having to get a new one stuff…  And really I should have thrown up some kind of post to let everyone know I was still alive.  At first I didn’t think it was going to be THAT long, and then it turned into feeling guilty about throwing out any kind of post that didn’t actually include new content.  So, a brief update on the state of things!

At present, I have nixed the entire Update Schedule area of the site.  Updates will still happen as often as I can make them, but I can honestly say right now that trying to guarantee any kind of consistent updates is probably going to result in another miniature meltdown and no one hearing from me for two months.  So, for everyone who’s still around, HI!  Sorry I vanished for so long!  More words will come as they get forced out of my brain and onto the screen in front of me!

And thanks all for sticking around.




10 thoughts on “Wait, what the hell is that?

  1. It’s ALIIIIVE!!!! This is a little late, but I’m glad to see you! Also don’t feel guilty, any news is good news. Unless it’s bad news. Then it’s bad and I might need to find a corner to cry in depending on the level of bad.

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  2. It’s Alive.
    And i think everyone already knew that the update schedule was wrong.
    It is good that you are alive I was concerned.
    Please update The Monster They Deserve.



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