Celebrating a Milestone! (That I didn’t even realize I had reached…)

Just to get this out of the way real quick:  No new chapters are posted. This is just me using the blog section of the site as an actual blog-type thing for a change.  SSS will likely be posting this weekend and TMTD is on schedule to post 10/25.  And now, some blog-type stuff:

I don’t know if this is something any other serial writers out there enjoy doing, but I always like to give myself that extra pat on the back/hard shove of encouragement when I realize I’ve hit (or passed) certain markers (word count, chapter count, really just about anything I can point to that makes me feel better about doing this, and thus more likely to keep doing it with more enthusiasm!)

And so, while creating redundant backups for my original stories (because I have had multiple chapters AND their associated resource documents and outlines vanish eternally into the aether because I didn’t spread the copies out far enough), I came to a startling realization:

As of the last chapter posted (Yes, Your Highness 18), I have now officially passed one hundred thousand words of original fiction on this site.  Not a big chunk compared to the 400k+ words in the Fan Inspired Stories section, but still, a milestone that I usually celebrate.

So: Yay me!

And as a special bonus to writing two different works side by side, I get to celebrate the 100k word milestones again when The Monster They Deserve hits that mark, and yet AGAIN if Yes, Your Highness finally makes it there (YYH is going to be quite a bit shorter than the SSS books have been and then TMTD is expected to be; it will likely be wrapping up either just over the 100k mark or just under it.  Hopefully over it, I like adding extra celebration to my writing ^_^)


8 thoughts on “Celebrating a Milestone! (That I didn’t even realize I had reached…)

  1. Congrats Chad. I for one have enjoyed every word and I am always looking forward to the next chapter in any of your works. Thank you and keep up the good word! Lol



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