The Updated Update Situation!

So, a new update plan has been created and can be viewed on the Update Schedule page!  The goal for posting will be that each story receives a minimum of one update per month, with YYH and TMTD going up on specifically scheduled days (second Sunday and last Sunday of the month, respectively) while SSS will not have a fixed day, just the goal of getting updated every month.

The reasoning behind setting the goal to only three total updates per month is that, hopefully, this will be relaxed enough that I won’t have any trouble meeting it, and will be able to get back ahead on all three stories.  If that doesn’t go to plan, worst case I should still be able to manage to keep up with this relatively light update schedule.  Best case, I get back to writing at something close to my old ‘full speed’ and get these stories FINISHED within a few months’ time (at which point I will make an announcement post and begin releasing chapters of whichever work has finished at a rate of one per day until all chapters are posted).  Most likely case, I’ll be able to do enough writing to get ahead and have a buffer again which will let me gradually increase my posting frequency.

So, to everyone that’s stuck around and kept clicking through my site in the hopes that I would eventually start posting again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  Seriously, you guys have been one of the biggest motivators to get me back to writing now that I’m finally starting to work my way out from under my work schedule.  Hopefully any further interruptions in my schedule can be kept to a minimum so that I can keep up with the serious business of posting free fiction on the internet ^_^


2 thoughts on “The Updated Update Situation!

  1. Nice^^
    I had your website in my webserials bookmarks and I open those nearly daily.
    But I only saw today the updated schedule, cause I closed the tab before looking out of habit -.-



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