The Update Situation

I hate making this post, not just for the normal reasons that it’s the indication that things have gone well and fully off the rails, but because it also feels like I’m bitching about something I really don’t want to complain about.  As people who check the posts (alongside looking for new chapters) probably already knew, I’ve been getting over some WONDERFUL food poisoning lately (I have no problems bitching about that.  Food poisoning sucks) which resulted in the initial schedule derailment.  Piling on to that has been a major schedule change in my day job (the one that actually pays my bills ^_^)

The change in schedule at my day job is actually a REALLY good thing, hence why I don’t like blaming the schedule interruption on it.  It’s a promotion that came with an approximate 15% pay increase, and I really do like my job, so in the long run this will be a GOOD thing for this site (more money long term = less stress which = more writing!), however in the short term it’s a pretty major adjustment.  I’ve gone from working a 4-10 schedule (Mon – Thu) back to a 5-8 schedule (Tue – Sat), and in addition to all of my NEW responsibilities, I am learning that the people taking over my old responsibilities are not quite as well trained as they thought they were (so lots of after hours phone calls and texts for clarifications) which should only be a short term issue.

So that’s the state of things right now.  Updates will occur is often as I can manage, and there will be a minimum of one update each week (and I’m REALLY going to try and make sure both TMTD and YYH get a weekly update still), but with my writing schedule shot to hell I can’t really put s specific day out there without knowing that I’ll be missing it a lot.  Hopefully this will all settle down within a couple of months and a proper schedule can be resumed.

Thanks everyone for reading, and hopefully you’ll stick around long enough for me to sort all this stuff out!


12 thoughts on “The Update Situation

  1. More pay doing a job you like is always the way to go. I’ve seen a lot of online writers burn out over the years trying to keep to a posting schedule throughout changes in circumstances. Trust us, we’d all rather see one post every two weeks than have them stop altogether because of burnout.


  2. Congratulations. I really enjoy your work and I hope your job settles down to allow regular updates, with whatever schedule you decide to set yourself. I have no strong preferences as to priorities, although I like YYH a little less than the other two.


  3. Please make “The monster they deserve” the focus of your potentially limited focus, as this is beyond any question, your best work.


    • It’s definitely the more popular of the two original works ^_^

      Honestly the reason I opted to write simultaneous stories is that I discovered early on when I first started doing this (with the SSS stories) is that I tend to overfocus if I only have one story to work on and it makes the updates progressively harder (I over-analyze everything or I wander way ahead in the narrative and then forget what was going to happen in the ‘present’)

      The current plan (or at least the thing that looks kinda like a plan in the right light) involves getting the last chapter of Sophomore Siege posted so that THAT will be done with for a while, after which I’ll probably bounce back and forth between TMTD and YYH.


  4. Congrats on the promotion man. I know the want to write but too much work blues all to well though.

    That being said…. please put up the Epilogue for SSS, even if you put it on hold after that to focus on the original work, its at the end of the book gotta see it.




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