Two months, and still alive!

So this one is a little bit late, seeing as we’re into the second week of March already, but that’s all good!  It means I’ve actually kept this thing afloat for MORE than two months.  Hurray!

As expected, I didn’t get any questions generated from last month’s “Still Alive” post to answer here, so we’ll just keep kicking that forward to see if anyone eventually becomes interested in asking things instead of just reading my writings!  Got any questions about any of the stories on this site?  Ask them in the comments below and I’ll answer them (in some form, anyways: you are not likely to get spoilers) when I do this again NEXT month.  Assuming I’m still here and haven’t cracked under the stress by then ^_^

After seeing the first month stats I was a bit more prepared for Month 2, February, but it’s still more than a little daunting to look at the numbers.  Almost 1700 unique visitors (according to WordPress’s, I’m certain completely infallible, counter) and over 13,000 page views.  I confess to still being more than a little confused as to how this number of people have even FOUND me already.  Everything I’ve learned from advice and blogs of other people who’ve opted for the extended insanity of posting serial fiction to the internet speak of slowly building a following over months and years.  Either people have just recently started to REALLY start searching out online fiction, or I’ve been incredibly lucky somewhere.  Either way, thanks everyone who stops by and reads my stuff.  Watching those numbers stack up ever higher is a nice little ego-booster throughout the month.


4 thoughts on “Two months, and still alive!

  1. I’ve been on a spree to find some new stuff to find, I found YYS from either Top Web Fiction or Web Fiction Guide… Top Web Fiction.

    I rather like it.


  2. Found you from links on other serials I read and Top Web Fiction. – There are several questions I have but I’m expecting most of them to be answered in the context of the story (why no one come back from the 0-5 day interval). I’m enjoying this and “Yes, Your Highness”. Excellent work thus far.


  3. I found your site because of Drew Hayes’ site. Finding Drew’s site was pure dumb luck! Super Powereds Year 1 was free on Amazon and made it into one of the free book lists I subscribe to. After I finished it, I discovered he was writing online. I read fairly quickly and got bored waiting for new chapters so, I dipped into the fan fiction well and found you (and others). The quality of the fan fiction was quite good. Since you have some original work I thought I would give it a try. TMTD is good. I look forward to seeing where it goes. Good luck with your writing.



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