So, that’s one month officially down! Happy February!

I am absolutely floored looking at the stats summary right now.  According to Word Press, over 1300 unique visitors with just shy of 12,000 page views.  I know that it’s not super precise and a LOT visitors probably get double or triple counted throughout the month, but frankly I thought I was being optimistic in hoping that I would get less than HALF that amount.  I would have been overjoyed with 500-600 visitors in my opening month.  Honestly I’m a little bit terrified at the prospect of potentially having over a thousand people reading my work every month.  I really hope that I’m providing content that is sufficiently interesting for everyone visiting, and I want to thank you all for stopping by and reading my work.  So, THANK YOU! ^_^

Now, in the interest of hopefully building some more community interaction (and because I like longshot projects that will most likely fail, I mean I’m writing multiple webserials here!), I’m going to try to start a monthly Q&A sort of thing.  So, have any questions about ANY of the stories on this site?  Ask em here!  I will consolidate all of said questions over the course of next month, and I will answer them at the end of the month when I do another one of these blog-type posts.  I can assure you that ANY question you ask, as long as it pertains in some way to the works of fiction on this site, WILL be answered.  I will not promise that the answer won’t be infuriatingly vague if you’re asking for something super spoiler-y, but I will make sure it gets answered!

So, January is officially over, and I’m calling it a success.  Go me I guess, and thanks to all of you once again!


2 thoughts on “So, that’s one month officially down! Happy February!

  1. I for one am definitely addicted to your work between you and Mr. Hayes I’m finally delved into the superhero zone of reading thank you very very much



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